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All training sessions are virtual. We are committed to keeping online learning interactive, dynamic and participatory. Our technology supports small group discussion break outs. Topics include (but are not limited to):


Leadership 101

Values-Centered Leadership

Healthy Team Dynamics

Managing Decision Fatigue

Building Resilience

Navigating Conflict

Emotional Intelligence 

Leading Through Transition & Change

Navigating Nonprofit Board and Staff Relationships

Onboarding Your Board

Woman on Laptop
Virtual Team Meeting
Consulting & Organization Development

Phoenix has extensive experience guiding nonprofit boards and internal groups through strategic planning activities, retreats, and team building events. 


While it may seem incompatible with a virtual platform, Phoenix has experience creating meaningful, engaging and effective virtual meetings and retreats.


Phoenix Consulting offers leadership and professional development coaching for individuals at all stages in their careers – from first time manager to Board President.


All coaching appointments are virtual.

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Speaking Engagements

Erin Bair is a dynamic public speaker with extensive experience delivering programs and keynotes at conferences and other high-profile events.

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