Erin Bair

Erin Bair draws from three distinct areas of her background and braids those qualifications together to offer clients a unique perspective in her coaching:


Erin has spent the majority of the last decade teaching, consulting, and coaching on leadership and professional development. She has worked with leaders in all stages of their careers to develop mindsets,  behaviors and tools to motivate others and navigate change and conflict.  She has served as both a VP and a Director at two successful consulting firms.

Erin is also an attorney and received her Juris Doctor in 2006. While she does not offer legal advice through Phoenix Consulting, her legal background has trained her to see the big picture and see any situation from multiple vantage points. She is a powerful advocate and a skilled negotiator. 

Having flourished despite major life challenges (or, more likely, due to them), Erin has an intimate knowledge of resilience, humility and wisdom that only painful life experiences can offer. One of her greatest joys comes from helping others survive and thrive as they explore and pursue their life's calling. 



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