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Erin Bair, Founder of Phoenix Consulting, has over ten years of experience in leadership development and has served in leadership positions at the Director, Founder and Board Chair level, which gives her relatability and credibility to the clients with whom she partners. With a background as a social justice attorney, Erin is most interested in working with organizations that give back to their communities and has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations and their boards. 


“Erin's strategic insight, diligence, and passion for the mission contributed significantly the design and implementation of the Collective Impact Fellowship, a program that has since become a signature effort of the Rider Pool Foundation. Initially, Erin's contribution was research on prototypes and best practice. As the effort moved forward, we looked to her qualitative skills in addition to her quantitative skills; i.e., people skills needed to help with the curriculum design, selection of faculty, identification of the inaugural Fellowship class. In that capacity, she showed her deep understanding of what not for profit leadership is and should be, and even more importantly to the success of our Fellowship: what it is not and should not be. There is substance and integrity in Erin's work and I would recommend her for consultation to not for profit boards and senior management.”



Ed Meehan, Executive Director 

The Rider-Pool Foundation

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